sábado, 21 de enero de 2023

TU Futuro es Ahora



Think, at this moment, of everything you wish to accomplish in the coming year and feel that truly "your future is here and now". Tell me what you would like to see, say, hear, touch? 

I propose you to open your mind and think about all your goals. Your desires . Your goals. Do you already have them?  Ok 

For example, do you have a trip in mind? 

The future is here and now 

That trip is already done 

How are you looking at it now?

What are you doing?

Who is accompanying you?

What are you listening to?

Where are you staying? 

Try to describe it in detail in this present moment. 

Who is with you in what hotel are you staying, how many days will you enjoy this beautiful trip .... among other activities. 

So on and so forth describe each and every one of your dreams, be ambitious, ask for it, remember the universe will give it to you. Work with your quantum double, what else is possible, how can I make this better? 

Remember your future is here and now. 

Time does not exist. 

It is an invention of the human mind


Do you wish to create and manifest your future here and now? The first thing you must do is to be grateful for everything you have created so far, keep in mind that today is the future of that past and the past of that potential future, therefore, in this instant with your words SILENT RECURRENT thoughts, those that no one hears, you are creating your life.

At this moment I invite you to observe all that YOU HAVE CREATED for your own life with your RECURRENT thoughts, words and actions in the different dimensions of your life. 

Observe your bank account 

Observe your financial freedom 

Become aware of your family relationships 

How are you in the affective area? In the sexual area? Financial ? Mental ? Spiritual ? And so on. 


You have immense power of Manifestation. It is so. It has been given to you as a human being.  Whether you use it or not CONSCIOUSLY MINDED.  

There is no way you can think that what you SEE in your life was not CREATED by YOU. 

So if you don't like what you see, it's time to change it WITH CONSCIOUSNESS!

The universe is a field of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES and you create and manifest your future here and now.

Your future is NOW

If you wish to change what you are seeing today in your life you must become aware of your recurring thoughts and emotions as well as limiting BELIEFS that are traveling through your FAMILY SYSTEM PERPETUATING "AD INFINITUM".

It is important that you observe which pattern tends to repeat itself in your female or male lineage.

Observe it in detail and realize if in any way you are perpetuating and giving life to a type of behavior that REPEATS OR HAS BEEN REPEATING , FOR EXAMPLE: 

Widowed women 

Single women 

Men without a partner or whose partner is their own mother. Oedipus 

Men or women Anchor 



Physical and mental limitations 

Mental problems 






Hereditary diseases 

To change any REPEATED situation, the first thing to do is to BE AWARE of what is REPEATED, and then write on a piece of paper all the affirmations that are in your subconscious mind, whispering in your ear what for example means a man, a woman, money, relationships etc etc etc.

Once you become aware of your LIMITING BELIEFS about a certain subject in your FAMILY SHARED VALUE SYSTEM, decide to consciously change them. How ? By associating with people who live the ideal you have in your mind instead of the same people and lives THAT REINFORCE AND PERPETUATE WHAT YOU NO LONGER WANT TO CREATE.

YOU MUST BREAK PARADIGMS by reinforcing your new reality with people whose thoughts lives are inspiration for your new future CREATE IT and make that QUANTUM LEAP!


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